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Visa is nothing but endorsement in your passport to travel to that particular country. It is a travel document or an Entry Clearance or permission to enter that country. 

UK constitutional territory comprised of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Great Britain is the largest island in the cluster of islands.  London is the Capital of United Kingdom. 

The UK is one of the most favored destinations in the world.  You will need a visa to the UK if you are not a national of one of the countries listed in the Visa and Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV) or hold a passport issued by an authority that is not recognized in the UK.

If you have a valid UK visa normally you will not be refused entry to the UK unless your circumstances have changed, or you gave false information or did not tell us important facts when you applied for your visa.

A UK visit visa allows a person to travel and stay in the UK up to a period of six months. It also covers people coming to the UK for business trips or medical treatment and those passing through the UK (In transit).  It may be single entry of multiple entries. If you are having multiple entries you are allowed to travel into and out of the UK on multiple occasions during the validity period of visa. 

Note that the visa is valid for entry into the UK before the date indicated. When you enter a separate stamp is placed in your passport showing the date of arrival. The period of 'leave to enter' will run from that date.

When you apply for the Visit Visa to the UK you must show that:  

  • You do not intend to stay in UK for  a period of more than six months  as a visitor
  • You have an intention to  leave the UK at the end of  your visit, and
  • You have enough money to support your in the UK without taking any employment or to produce goods or provide services, including selling goods or services direct to the public during the visit. 
  • You do not intend to  study at a publicly funded school;
  • You can be maintained and accommodated without recourse to public funds;
  • You are able to meet the costs of their onward journey.

If you are on Visitor Visa to UK you are not allowed to take any employment in the UK. You are also not allowed to produce goods or providing services in UK. These include selling of goods and services directly to the members of the public.  However suppliers of some services are permitted to enter UK as visitors. They are those delivering goods and passengers from abroad e.g.  Lorry drivers and coach drivers, tour group couriers who are from the firm outside the UK and people coming to UK as speakers at  the conference


Visitors who enter the UK for business purposes are called "business visitors". They are allowed entry to the UK with a view to "attending meetings and briefings, fact finding, negotiating or making contracts with UK businesses to buy or sell goods or services".

Business Visa is considered as one of the best mode for   the business visit to visit the UK for the short trips.   So long as you are not entering into any type of work and you will only be attending meetings, conferences or auditing work they are allowed to stay for up to six months.    A business visitor visa can be short term single enter or multiple entry.   Artists who are not performing can also use this visa to enter the UK if they wish to attend interviews promote a piece of work such as a movie or a book without needing to apply for any further permits to work.

If you have been invited by a UK company you should provide a letter from the company explaining what you will be doing and the purpose of the trip. If your company or the UK Company is meeting the cost of the trip this should also be confirmed in a letter. People who regularly visit the UK for business can apply for a multiple-entry visa as a visitor. These can be valid for one, two, five or 10 years, and the person can enter and leave the UK as often as they want within that time, but they can only stay in the UK for six months on each visit.


If you are required to undergo medical treatment in which is normally not available in your country you can apply for the Visit Visa to UK for private medical treatment. A visa to be granted a person must not have a terminal illness

You can in UK for medical treatment for a period of six months. If for the purpose of medical treatment you are required to stay longer than six months you should apply to the Border and Immigration Agency for the extension of visa.

It should be noted that you are allowed stay in UK to receive medical treatment at your own cost. You are not allowed to receive treatment on the National Health Services.  For that purpose you are required to take enough medical insurance for the whole stay in UK.

However if you are from the country having health-care arrangement with UK their nationals can be referred to UK for the free hospital treatment under National Health Services.

If you the person granted visa for the medical treatment having family in UK you required to satisfy the authorities that you intend to leave UK as soon as treatment is completed. You may be required to attend interview with the visa officer if required. While making an application for the Visit Visa to UK for the medical treatment you must be able to show to the authorities to their satisfaction that:

You have made sufficient arrangement for the private consultation and treatment

You have letter from Doctor/s in UK which shows that your medical condition is such that you require medical treatment in UK.

The treatment should not be for indefinite period it should be for a specified period.

  • You must have sufficient financial resources available for the payment of treatment and other expenses to be incurred in UK including return journey ticket.
  • You should not take any help from the public fund while you are in the UK
  • You have an intention to leave UK at the end of your treatment.


You are required to apply for the transit visa to UK if you are traveling to another country through UK.   On this visa you are eligible to stay for a period of not more than 48 hours.  Before applying for this visa you are required to obtain visa for the country of your destination.  This visa is called “visitor in transit “visa.  If you intend to stay in UK for more than 48 hours you are required apply for the Visit Visa.  You may be able to transit the UK, at the discretion of the Immigration Officer, without holding a "visitor in transit visa". This is known as the Transit without Visa concession (TWOV).

Your visitor in transit visa will usually be valid for a period of six months and may be used to transit the UK during its validity subject to condition that  both your passport and visa for the country that you are traveling to remain valid beyond the expiry of the transit visa.


You can study in the UK as a visitor but you will only be allowed to stay in the UK for a maximum of six months. If the purpose of your visit is to study, either full-time or for more than six months then you should apply for a student visa.


If you are on family sponsorship visit to UK and your application for the Visitor Visa is refused by the Visa Officer you may be allowed to appeal against the decision of the Visa Officer. The appeal should be filed within 28 days of the date of refusal of your Visa.

If you are successful in your appeal you can send your passport to the Visa Office which has refused your visa along with the passport for getting visa.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about what documents you should take from your friend or relative from UK. However, if the visit is for a holiday a letter of sponsorship explaining your relationship to the person who sponsors you should be clearly mentioned in the sponsorship letter.  

If your visit is for a special family occasion i.e.  For celebrating a wedding, a birth or an important anniversary, an invitation giving details of the event, when and where it is to take place, and a letter of sponsorship would be helpful.  If you are not close relative one of the several persons invited to the occasion, it should be explained in the sponsorship letter that why you are chosen to attend the said occasion. 

You should also obtained supporting documents from your sponsor showing his/her occupation, salary details,  copies of tax returns, your bank statement for last six months,  ownership of the residence or lease agreement  and  what kind of support would be provided to you during your stay in the UK.

If you receive public funds, the Entry Clearance Officer will need to consider carefully how long you will be able to support other people on your limited means. You will not be able to get extra public funds to support the applicant.  



  • Clear all  your doubts about your visit to the UK
  • Clear your doubts what you can and cannot do in UK
  • Know what documents are required for supporting your application.
  • Presenting your application to the Visa Office as per the requirement
  • Preparing documents required for the sponsorship from UK
  • Draft an appeal against decision of the visa officer
  • Even if you are refused several times, if your documents are genuine we can help you presenting your application to the Visa Officer in professional manner which increases chance to get visa.  

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